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Are we now a Soviet bloc country?


Mr Percent; Your #1 statement would be true, communism is not politcal by nature, it is an economic system and Russia is no longer a communist entity. The current system in place there would be plutocratic with strong overtures of being authoritarian and totalitarian. Your #2 statement reminds of right wing dogma whereby those on the right subjected to intense conditioning and indoctrination have been taught to conflate "socialism" with "communism" when in fact, they are two differnt things. I would gather from the tenor of your statements that you would be against both of them, however, the United States has been socialistic in its nature for decades and we have examples of it all around us. In fact, it is why We the People have been able to have many of the things that our society enjoys now. The highway systems, police and fire are common examples of socialism at work. Our military, no matter if one goes along with the manner in which it is currently being used (or misused) is probably the single largest example of a socialist undertaking in the history of the world. I would urge you to seek out the article "How Socialism built America". I'm certain you can find it online. While I enjoy reading about various political or economic systems of countries around the world, I enjoy them the most when they are properly represented, I'm not much inclined toward bluster be it from the right or left.

Collusion Confusion


Mr Percent; I'm curious to know how you would have inside knowledge that there exists "no evidence". Are you a member of the defense team? A member of the media? I would be interested to know since there seems to be only one side of this equation that is broadcasting that there is "no evidence". What is the source or supportive data for your conclusion?

World Juniors Wrap and Whoa-Wild…Whoa!


Simon... thanks for reading and for engaging. Regarding your comments, first off let me state that I love Canada and the Canadian people. For the record, as a young kid in about 1961 I saw my 1st NHL game involving Montreal and Chicago. I was enthralled by the aura of the Canadien of the era and they have been my all time hockey favorites ever since. The Richard brothers are my absolute faves and I have autographed photos of both The Rocket and The Pocket Rocket with one of their many Stanley Cups. My love for our neighbors runs deep, but I too raise an eyebrow at times when hearing or reading comments that run counter to my feelings about American hockey. The Canadians obviously have much to be proud of in volume when it comes to Ice Hockey, more then we do at this point. But whether it was the pre-expansion constant reminders that there was only one American in the 6 team league (Tommy Williams, Duluth MN!) or a pre-Sochi Games comment from a prominent Canadian media member that Team Canada could send 2 teams and they would meet in the Gold medal game, and everything in between, I have endured my share of "smack talk" over the years and have not been immune from handing it out from time to time. It is done without malice (most of the time!) and with a twinkle in my eye.

Regarding this tourney, even though the US entry was considered a favorite I wasn't convinced. The amount of talent they lost from last years club had me questioning their favorite status. (But every WJC is a new experience, that's what makes it great) Further, leading up to the heart of the competition there were about 3 US players that I thought were over- confident, bordering on cockiness, which in my book is a certain recipe for a fall from grace. Being a defending Champion is one thing, having some humility about ones self is quite another.

The outdoor component? There were detractors from the start, but I imagined since both teams would have to endure the same elements that it was worth a go. The conditions turned out much worse then anyone imagined. I feel, as do you, that the IIHF will not attempt this ever again, and so be it. The event was worth a try, and please, never again. The Americans did gut out a big victory. I still believe that from an exposure angle that this game turned out to be bigger then the Gold Medal game not in terms of importance, but in an overall level of fan interest. As you mention, the overall viewing experience was poor at best, and personally I would never shell out to attend an outdoor game. It would be fun but is probably the worst possible venue if you are a serious viewer of the game.

If you feel as though my comments diminished what was a tremendous tourney victory by the Canadians, that wasn't my intent. I give them full congratulations, as I had mentioned, this is quite a hard event to win. It is evident though that I was fairly revved up after reading the article from the Toronto scribe. It is also possible that my comprehension of it was incorrect, my USA Hockey bias may have clouded my better judgement! Best wishes Simon, may our love of the game always keep us united as fans...

Corporate Sociopaths Out of Minnesota!


Doctor... the Citizens United SCOTUS decision is easily the most obscene, insidious blatant illegal power grab I have ever seen in this country. I never thought I would bear witness to something like this in my lifetime, and that I have is an indication that the elites and corporate power HAVE completely taken us over and fear nothing from a government that is seemingly and/or willingly allowing them to operate their schemes and scams without reproach. I came across this saying recently and this about sums up my feelings about the matter; I will believe that Corporations are people when one of them comes home from Afghanistan in a body bag.... Originator unknown

To hell with compromise, it’s time to…


Forrey.... and to all "Readerites", gotta love Ralphie Nader. When the GOP and the DEM's hate the same guy, you know he has to be on to something. If you go to the Tube of You and plug this is in; Ralph Nader (07/31/2014) By Commonwealth Club you will get treated to an excellent speech by Mr. Nader. He covers a variety of topics. It is worth the watch....

Shannon Miller Saga Dominates Sports Scene


Johnny... have to agree with the beaudog, although I'm not going to insert any possible causes on here. We have her feelings about the situation, we have Mr. Berlo's public comments regarding the matter, and.... we have nothing else. Perhaps you can find a third party, who is neutral, that knows the real story here and is willing to be quoted. (because I know that you don't like the "unnamed sources" kind of situations) What is the story we are NOT getting here Gilby?

Ferguson MO And The ST. Louis Rams…


Concerned... in most cases I don't have any quarrel with social statements being made on one's professional platform. I just firmly believe that the Ferguson community may have chosen a moment to address their societal grievances that wasn't appropriate. The young Brown shouldn't have challenged the officer involved. Did he deserve to forfeit his life? NO, and we will probably never know the truth about that night. At the end of the day I belive he was shot out of fear. The officer feared what could have happened to him if Brown had taken control of his weapon. I grew up IN St. Paul and in 7th grade experienced the first bussed segregation in the city. I remember it well and the feelings I had about my new black classmates. It was a white neighborhood and few if any of the white kids were interacting with them. It was quite awkward. I felt bad about that and couldn't imagine how they must have felt everyday. It couldn't have been a positive experience. I was in Ferguson a week and a half ago and the people there are mostly down. Some are still angry...

“Winter Soldiers,” the Real American…


Doctor, thx for this story. We cannot begin to address the atrocities going on and created by our own government until people realize what is going on. Unfortunately, our corporate media are not going to enlighten the masses anytine soon. But you already know that. Appreciate the article, keep them coming....