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“Just Get Your Damn Shots”


I only wish that Gary would share more links to corroborate the many quotes and figures he references. I see plenty of quotes but no links to their sources in his comments above.

An Honest Look at the Historical Evidence…


If one checks actual websites that deal with infectious diseases and which contain facts and figures about the incidence of say, Diphtheria or Measles during a certain year, one finds that Dr. Kohls is either not being honest about the affects of vaccines, or else doesn't know that what he say's is just not the case.

If one visits the CDC website which has stats relevant to the incidence of certain infectious diseases, and how many death from resulted during certain years, as well as after the introduction of vaccines. The website also lists the cases and the number of deaths caused each year, which all began to diminish around the times these vaccines were first introduced. By examining them, one can clearly see that in most, or all cases, many infectious diseases have begun to decrease. However as DR. Kohls says, the numbers of infectious diseases has decreased, not just because of modern inoculations.

However, Kohls graphs exaggerate the notion that, many years ago other factors were already causing favorable outcomes---like improvements in sanitation, the supply of healthy foods and medications, along with the use of penicillin and antibiotics which dealt the first blow.

In actuality though, the vaccine for Measles was first introduced around 1962 or 1963, and after one small upturn, disease rates of the measles began to plummet. However it wasn't until the use of DTP vaccination became widespread, that the very low incidence of Measels began to diminish even further, and would soon become almost non-existent,

Kohls's graphs are misleading because he deliberately emphasizes the fact that, in many cases, the incidence and number of deaths began to rapidly decline, not just with the introductions of modern vaccines, but also many years before, when penicillin and antibiotics became wildly used. It was during those years that kohls claims the numbers of cases dropped by about 90% before those modern vaccines were even widely used.

Here are the reasons for that contradiction:

It was not just that, say, that eliminating diseases like diphtheria and the measles have helped safeguarded our collective health?--It's also that many years before vaccines, death rates also plummeted long before vaccines were used to help treat these diseases, without serious of negative consequences. But if one does a little detective work one will soon wonder what the attacks against vaccines are motivated by? Diphtheria began its decline in the 1930s, polio in the 1950s, measles in the 1960s, chickenpox in the 1990s and rotavirus in the 2000s--all after the new vaccines became available? And if better sanitation, nutrition, and healthy practices are almost completely responsible for the the positive results concerning Pre-vaccine infections illnesses, then why would all of the above diseases not begin to diminish at the same time? Our increases in health and sanitation happened in a linear fashion, so when those in Maine benefit from new health practices, that knowledge should also be passed along nationwide, in a relatively short period of time.

Even though all these facts testify for he safety of vaccines, I can't say that I too, wouldn't be very anxious and up in arms, about anything that might threaten the life of my child. However, when complications follow in a very small number of cases, let's not forget that in every drug and inoculation that our Doctors might prescribe, there are going to be risks involved. So, whatever course we choose to take, we should not loose sight of the fact that one sick child can infect hundreds of other children just by going to school. Therefore, it would seem logical that any parent who chooses not to vaccinate, should arrange for some kind of home schooling instead.

One final point, what does Dr. Kohls mean by this statement?:

"8] Let’s focus on another infectious disease—measles. Keep in mind that by 1963, almost no one died from measles. During this year, the whole of New England had only five deaths (Maine: 1, New Hampshire: 0, Vermont: 3, Massachusetts: 0, Rhode Island: 1, Connecticut: 0) that were attributed to measles."

The fact is that any of us who are over 60 years old knows better, because during the 1950s and 60s we received vaccinations for a number of transmittable diseases--One of them was the measles. I remember standing in a in a line in a school gym for more than an hour until we had all received shots, including what was infamously feared as a "booster" shot. We were all a little scared because we could hear our classmates ahead of us screaming and crying during what seemed to be a very traumatic event. But the shots were sorely needed because all of us, and virtually everyone we knew, had at least one child who became sick with the measles. And thanks to those vaccinations, what had been an epidemic, soon plummeted and is now is almost unheard of.

Its also strange that DR. Kohls would cherry picked the measles death rates of a few states like, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island, Those few states can hardly represent measles cases in our entire country. And anyway, even though these states experienced only a small number of deaths in 1963, that does not rule our the fact that many active cases may still have been occurring while just a few people actually died. It's surprising that someone like Kohls who frequently calls out others for their devious and dishonest actions should try to cherry pick data and use red herrings ot make his points?

Here is a mainstream website which contains tables filled with teh figures and stats concerning common infectious diseases and how the have been diminished throughout time. We all have a right to be informed and to protect our children, but we needn't become overcome with fear until it clouds our judgments. There are many other children involved,not just our own!

Here is a good link to a chart with facts and figures compiled by the CDC: