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Election’s Over: What Should We Have Learned, and What Should We Do Next Time?

Mon. Nov. 12th, 2012  |  Gary G. Kohls, MD

This week’s column is being written in the closing throes of the most propagandistic, most costly, most wasteful, nastiest election of all time, bar none. And it is obvious to me that most of the venom and untruths have been coming from (often anonymous) right-wing political or religious groups or the likes of cunning political operatives and/or moneyed billiona

Two Essays from the Past: On the 10th Anniversary of the Strange Death of Paul Wellstone

Fri. Oct. 26th, 2012  |  Gary G. Kohls, MD

October 25th, a week and a half before 2012’s election day, is the 10th anniversary of the death of Paul Wellstone. A number of commemorative events occurred during the week, but sadly, the loss of this courageous patriot will soon be forgotten by voters who should care enormously that his death was very likely, ac

And Then They Came for the Gays: Paragraph 175 and the Pink Triangle

Fri. Oct. 19th, 2012  |  Gary G. Kohls, MD

The famous poem above was written by the courageous German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemoller in the years after he was liberated from one of Adolf Hitler’s concentration camps. As was the case with most conservative Protestant clergymen and their congregants, Niemoller despised the Weimar democratic r

The GOP’s Hidden, Unspoken “Big Tent” Agenda: “We Don’t Want No More Niggers in the White House”

Fri. Oct. 5th, 2012  |  Gary G. Kohls, MD

Anyone who watched the two national political conventions last month couldn’t help but be impressed with the nearly total lack of racial diversity at the (“White’s Only”) Republican National Convention. The large number of racially-diverse delegates at the Democratic National Convention was truly impressive. It should be obvious that white racism will be a huge

Inconvenient Truths About Military Air Shows: Doing the Math

Fri. Sep. 21st, 2012  |  Gary G. Kohls, MD

The Big Oil cartels, through the poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico with millions of gallons of leaking crude oil from risky deep water wells, have committed rape and premeditated attempted murder against the now mortally wounded Gulf. So far the corporate criminals have g

Suicide and the Soldier

Fri. Aug. 31st, 2012  |  Gary G. Kohls, MD

Eleven years ago, the NeoConservative Cheney/Bush/Rove/Rumsfeld administration, with the enthusiastic support of the Radical Religious Right, started, by a series of treasonous lies, its so-called endless war on “terrorism”, most of which, in actuality, had been provoked by decades of anti-Muslim, anti-Arab and blindly pro-Israel US foreign policies.