10am-6pm Wed. Mar. 25

Live-stream: Lake Superior Art Glass Custom Marble Demo

Tune in on our Facebook page as Dan teaches us more about the wild world of glass blowing. We will do a live stream of Dan making a custom marble on March 25th on the torch! We will be hosting different daily live sessions with Dan and you can find the daily schedule & times on our Facebook page. Come watch us on Facebook Live! Q&A during the feed are welcome and we will answer as many as we can.

357 Canal Park Drive, Duluth

Cost: Free

Age: All Ages

1-2pm Wed. Mar. 25

Live Steam Glassblowing - Marbles

Check out our Facebook Live Steam of the owner, Dan Neff, making a custom marble on the torch on Wednesday, March 24 at 1pm. The video will be posted on Facebook when completed for those who miss the live steam. He will be able to answer some questions while working, so pop on the Live Stream Chat and ask away! Stay tuned on our Facebook for a daily dose of glassblowing videos.

Lake Superior Art Glass 357 Canal Park Dr, Duluth

Cost: FREE

Age: All Ages