What’s Black and Red and Delicious All Over?

by Jim Lundstrom

I have fallen in love.



It started out one evening after work when I was feeling in a stout mood, and, lo and behold, I see a Chocolate Stout from New Glarus Brewing. Sold!

Really, I thought. It’s going to be this easy? Of course I will pick up a four-pack of a New Glarus beer simply called Chocolate Stout.

This is more than a beer. It’s an adventure. Let’s dive in.

Or, more like it, let’s jump on the roller coaster ride of dark flavors going on in this sumptuous milk stout from New Glarus.

Good as that first bottle was, I was struck by a Eureka! moment while driving to work the next morning – what if I made a Black & Red, an equal mixture of New Glarus Chocolate Stout and Belgian Red, their Door County cherry beer?

So I picked up a four-pack of Belgian Red and counted the seconds until I could go home and pour these two beers into a single glass.

My mouth is thanking me so much for doing this. My cheeks are starting to ache from smiling the beatific smile that was pasted on my face as soon as this heavenly nectar passed my lips. 

The melding of flavors is incredible – chocolate and cherry wrapping themselves into layers that seem to endlessly unfold on your palate. IT’s a huge flavor combo.

After my own horrible track record, the word marriage usually hurts my ears, but, I have to say this is a beautiful marriage of flavors. These two beers were meant to be united.

A smart tap beer bar would offer these two beers with the idea of mixing them.

I have been to bars that have New Glarus Belgian Red on tap, and if you ask they will mix it with whatever stout they have on tap. It’s Guinness I’ve had it with most often, but I’ve tried a number of others. This combination blows them all away.

I should backtrack a bit. The Belgian Red first came to mind, but when I went to pick up a four-pack, I was faced as well with New Glarus Raspberry Tart, which side by side with the Belgian Red would be my first choice. But when I considered what would pair best with the Chocolate Stout, I decided on cherries. I think I was right because, honestly, it is phenomenal, but, of course, I will also have to try the Chocolate Stout with Raspberry Tart. I think I’ll wait for the coldest day in January to do that because I think Raspberry Tart tastes and smells like the height of summer. I’ll get back to you on that.