Owner of Pak’s Green Corner to Open Duluth’s First R Rated Restaurant

Carol George

For those of you who have missed Pak’s Green Corner Restaurant, which closed more than a year ago,  take heart!  Pak Williams, along with Jeff Petcoff,  ( former general manager of Duluth Grill),  are teaming up to create a new concept in exotic restaurants.

“Our collaboration has worked well,” offered Petcoff. “We don’t want to give too much away,  but I will say that we have been bantering around some very creative ideas.  We looked at the area and did a casual survey of maybe twenty local businesses and residents and figured out pretty quickly there is nothing quite like it in Lincoln Park. Actually, there’s nothing like it in the city. Or maybe the world…”

“Yes,” added Pak,  “Dan (her husband, Dan Williams) and I noticed that in addition to their fine menu, Duluth Grill also sells retail items such as T-Shirts, mugs and tea balls. It was the tea balls, that gave me the idea.  I thought if we’re going to do this again, we might as well shake things up a bit,”

“Not so fast,” piped in Petcoff, “We want our clientele to know just how much care and thought have gone into our menu and product line.”

Petcoff and Pak Williams seemed to wrestle over a three-ringed binder entitled, “Branding and Merchandising Concepts.”  “I don’t think this is the time,” said Petcoff.“Hand me the notebook,” Pak said calmly yet firmly. She wrenched the binder from Petcoff’s hands and opened to the page which contained various versions of signs and logos, which at first glance, resembled a theater marques. “THAI ME UP: Thai Cuisine and Adult Novelties.”

I must admit, that this humble (and in theory objective) reporter, blushed, at first glance at the artwork.

Pak Williams was also eager to share some of the new menu items,  She flipped open the “Fifty Shades of Green” titled menu, which included items like “Climax Control,” “Orgie Porgie,” “Guess What’s Coming?” and “Nookie Cookies” to name a few. “Yes, back by popular demand, we will keep menu favorites like curry puffs, but we will add new menu items like Ménage a Troise which features an erotic blend of succulent chicken, beef and seafood all marinated in one of my special sauces.  Instead of M&M’s, we are trade-marking our very own deep, deep chocolate variation of Melt in Your Mouth, Melt in Your Hand S&M Candy-Coated Chocolates.  We are also adding over a dozen flavors of edible body oils: simmering cinnamon, sultry spice, and silky milky are just a few we’ve been formulating,”

“Shall I tell them about my Red Hot Smoothie?” Petcoff interjected. “The owners of Duluth Grill are all about open sourcing, so they’re good with me crossing-over with this one. One of the key ingredients is Maca root, a known aphrodisiac.”

Given the recent closing of the Norshor Theater and Last Place on Earth, the partners believe that the northland’s adult novelty void will be filled sans stigma of the past. “We’re consulting with the health department to see if we can offer Clothing Optional Saturdays,” Petcoff shared enthusiastically, “There are a couple of sticking points, and bibs may be necessary, but we think we’ll be able to push it through.”  

“We are still deciding between two location,” Petcoff added, “but we’re zeroing in. It’s our goal to keep it on the west side, but if the perfect location—for example, The Rathskeller in the basement of Tycoon’s—were to become available, we would be very tempted… it’s easy to imagine a kinky dungeon motif, if you take my meaning…”

David Ross, President of the Chamber of Commerce has also thrown his support behind the project, “This will be Duluth’s first R Rated Restaurant. If done right, it could change the reputation of our city!” he burbled enthusiastically in a brief phone interview with the Northland Enquirer

Pak Williams chose the Northland Enquirer as the exclusive media outlet to unveil their new concept “Yeah, well we wanted the Northland Enquirer readers to be the first to know: It’s going to be delicious and naughty” said Pak. “Yep, it’s good, clean dirty fun!”