Instruments Stolen from Local Musicians

In the early morning on Sunday, June 15, a car was broken into around the 3rd Street and 7th Avenue East area. Two instruments were stolen from the trunk of local musician, Andrew Pletcher. There were signs of a forced entry.

The instruments stolen include:

1. A Gibson Flying V (cherry red) guitar in a soft black case.

2. A Sterling by Musicman S.U.B. Bass (black).

There is a reward offered and no questions will be asked if the instruments are returned unharmed. To give information to return the instruments call 218-461-6021.

If there is any suspicion that the mentioned instruments are in someone’s possession or being sold unlawfully, immediately contact the police. The Duluth Police Department is currently investigating the theft.

Musicians should be advised to bring their gear indoors to prevent theft and influences of humidity and temperature on their instruments.

For those inclined to steal people’s instruments, please keep in mind that in all likelihood the person you’re stealing from is poorer than you and has made sacrifices to get that instrument to play for little or nothing for other people’s entertainment. Also, keep in mind that most musicians in this area know each other and the theft of instruments tends to anger the music community.