I’m Against Stereotypes

This is rebuttal to a comment I received on my article Unimpressed with the Underdressed. Said comment was berating me for “complaining” about people being underdressed then “wasting my time” posting pictures of people who shop at Goodwill.  Allow me to retort – excuse the fancy language, I often use it when I’m infuriated – you sir, are an ignorant little internet troll, and I’m going to set you straight.

Backstory: I take pictures of people that are well dressed for this column. It is not until AFTER I have taken a picture of them that I ask them where their outfit is from. It just so happens that many of the people I have taken pictures of shop at thrift stores like Goodwill. AND THEY STILL LOOK GOOD. This stereotype that people who shop at second hand stores look like trash needs to stop. Not everything at these thrift stores is trash – my Banana Republic skirt and Ralph Lauren top will speak to that. I am a person who regularly shops at thrift stores because I’m not always so economically included to shop at full retail stores. AND I STILL LOOK GOOD.  I don’t want anyone to discriminate on people who shop at thrift stores. Seeing all these well dressed people in thrift clothing just goes to show how acceptable they are to wear these days. Thrifting is fashionable. This nonbeliever must be a walking fashion faux pas and has no room to criticize me. To further prove him wrong, I went to the Hermantown Goodwill to hand pick a fashionable outfits, for men and women, exclusively from their inventory. I had fun handpicking these outfits, and it wasn’t hard to find some great deals. Each outfit is $20 and under – for everything! You can’t beat that, and even better, a lot of what I found was brand new. There is nothing underdressed about these outfits or any outfits I have featured in this column. I will also keep including those who wear clothes from thrift stores as well as those who don’t. I’m not wasting my time; I’m making a point. Wear clothes from wherever you choose to shop but please take the time to dress your best.