Homegrown Music Festival 2014

Sunday, April 27

Teatro Zuccone

7:30pm Coyote

8:30pm Lee Lah Sohn

9:30pm Déjà vu Drifters

10:30pm Vivielle

Tycoons Alehouse

8:30pm Mayor’s Proclamation and Homegrown Hempen Ale Cask Release

8:45pm Starling of Athens

9:45pm Borderstone

10:45pm Saint Anyway

11:45pm Frances Lee Williams Band

Carmody Irish Pub

9pm Homegrown Pub Quiz

10:15pm Current Administration

11:15pm Breanne Marie & the Front Porch Sinners

12:15am Teague Alexy Band

Pizza Lucé

10pm Beachfight

11pm Sordes

12am The Social Disaster

Monday, April 28

Teatro Zuccone Lobby

5pm Opening reception for Homegrown Photo Show

Zeitgeist Arts Building Atrium

5:30pm Val Turcotte and Tom O’Keefe

Zinema 2

7pm Homegrown Music Video Festival

Sir Benedict’s Tavern on the Lake

7:30pm Tony Derrick

8:30pm Fearless Moral Inventory

9:30pm Steve Johnson

The Underground

8pm Homegrown Poetry Showcase

Carmody Irish Pub

9:30pm The Adjustments

10:30pm Dedric Clark and the Social Animals

11:30pm Wes Hadrich & Greg Tiburzi

The Rex

9:45pm Lion or Gazelle

10:45pm Paper Parlor

11:45pm Man on the Moon

Red Star Lounge

10pm DJ J. J. Lawrence

11pm Legitimit

12am The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank

Dubh Linn Irish Pub

10:15pm The Ball Slashers

11:15pm The Formal Age

12:15am The Acceleratii

Fitger’s Brewhouse

10:30pm Robi Meyerson

11:30pm De Se

Tuesday, April 29

Zinema 2

5:30pm Homegrown Music Video Festival (encore #1)

The Underground (MRC Showcase)

6pm Potluck Communists

7pm Co¢ky Da$h

8pm Transparency

9pm The Lockpicks

Amazing Grace Bakery & Café

6:30pm Superior Siren

7:30pm Kristy Marie & Jim Hall

8:30pm The 13th Choir

Grandma’s Sports Garden

8:45pm Red Mountain

9:45pm Cars & Trucks

10:45pm Toby Thomas Churchill

11:45pm Retribution Gospel Choir

Prøve Gallery

9:15pm Tin Can Gin

10:15pm Lee Jeffrey

11:15pm Somewhere But Who

Lake Avenue Restaurant & Bar

10pm Gina Lee

11pm Fuzzy Ellis

12am Hannah Rey

Wednesday, April 30

Clyde Iron Works – Mezzanine

6pm A Band Called Truman

10:15pm The People Say Fox

11:15pm The Resonance

Clyde Iron Works – Main Stage

7pm Actual Wolf

8pm Southwire

9pm The Black-eyed Snakes with Charlie Parr

Beaner’s Central

7:30pm Colleen Myhre

8:30pm Bryan Olds Band

9:30pm Songs of Shipwreck

Players Sports Bar

10:15pm Phillip of Nazareth

11:15pm Old Knifey

12:15am Rich Mattson & the Northstars


10:15pm Ire Wolves

11:15pm Wino, WI

12:15am Wood Blind

Mr. D’s Bar & Grill

10:30pm Thunder Brothers

11:30pm 500 Million Society

12:30am The Boomchucks

Gopher Restaurant & Lounge

10:45pm The Blasphemists

11:45pm The Farsights

12:45am Dead Guys

Thursday, May 1

Red Mug Coffeehouse

6:30pm Mary Bue

7:30pm Ryan Van Slooten

8:30pm Emily Havoc

Chester Creek Café Wine Bar

9pm Steve Sola

10pm The Yeah Scherz

The Main Club

9:15pm Duluth Dolls Burlesque and Cabaret

10:15pm Drohm

11:15pm Bondage Symphony

12:15am The Horror

Burrito Union

9:30pm Aurora Baer

10:30pm Timothy Martin and the New Norm

Thirsty Pagan Brewing

9:45pm Hanna Cesario

10:45pm Two Beat Band

11:45pm Boku Frequency

Norm’s Beer & Brats

10pm Dad’s Acid

11pm Batteries

12pm The Tisdales

Reef Bar

10:15pm Triplekoin

11:15pm Five Pints a’ Rye

12:15am Sonja and the Reckoning

Vintage Italian Pizza

10:30pm Cowboy

11:30pm Virgil Caine

12:30am Silverback Colony

Superior Flame Nightclub

10:30pm Manheat

11:30pm Hard Feelings

12:30am DJ Risky Fingers

Friday, May 2

Amazing Grace Bakery Café

5:30pm The Branditos

6:30pm Portage

7:30pm Biochemical Characters

8:30pm Lay Low & Bender

Beaner’s Central

6pm Portrait of a Drowned Man

7pm Exiles

8pm Turbo Rathvon

9pm The Albedo Effect

Teatro Zuccone

6:30pm Tim Kaiser

7:30pm Dirty Knobs

8:30pm Troy Rogers

The Underground

7pm Nur Jehan Chishti

8pm Todd Eckart

9pm Tangier 57

Legacy Glassworks

7:45pm Danecdote

8:45pm Thadi P.

9:45pm Low-Hi Funk

10:45pm Jaze

Sir Benedict’s Tavern

9:30pm Timmy Jacks Off

10:30pm Black River Revue

11:30pm RoofTop Fable

Carmody Irish Pub

9:45pm Bill Flannagan Blues Cabooze

10:45pm Stel

11:45pm Peter Pain

Fitger’s Brewhouse

10pm Glenn Maloney

11pm The Bitter Spills

12am A Winter Downpour

R. T. Quinlan’s Saloon

10pm Armond Blackwater & Blackwater Tribe

11pm Dead Skull

12am Wolf Blood

Rex Bar

10:15pm The Crunchy Bunch

11:15pm Fred Tyson Sex Worskshop

12:15am The Fontanelles

Red Star Lounge

10:15pm Misnomer

11:15pm Nonfic

12:15am DJ Warhorse

Dubh Linn

10:15pm Dirty Horse

11:15pm American Rebels

12:15am Big Wave Dave and the Ripples

Tycoons Alehouse

10:30pm Space Carpet

11:30pm DJ Delgado

12:30am Prince Paul & the Conscious Party

Pizza Lucé

10:30pm The Keep Aways

11:30pm Horse & Rider

12:30am Sexhawk

Lake Avenue Restaurant & Bar

10:45pm Four Mile Portage

11:45pm Christoph Bruhn

Saturday, May 3

Chester Creek Café Wine Bar

10am Kraig James

11am Sara Thomsen

Chester Bowl Park

12pm Homegrown Kickball Classic

Amazing Grace Bakery & Café

5:30pm The Ugly Mugs

6:30pm The Getarounds

7:30pm Taste the Feeling

8:30pm Maddy Siiter

Beaner’s Central

6pm Amy Abts

7pm Jillian Rae

8pm Mark Anderson Trio

9pm Preston Gunderson

Sacred Heart Music Center

6:15pm North Wind Flute Choir

7:15pm Sing! A Women’s Chorus

8:15pm Low

Teatro Zuccone

6:30pm The Fish Heads

7:30pm Markus J. Dandy & the Complete Lack Thereof

8:30pm Curren Effinger

The Underground

7pm Planemo

8pm Mikey Talented

9pm The Cold Starts

Legacy Glassworks

8:45pm Bliss

9:45pm Willie Diction

10:45pm Number One Common

11:45pm Xhaust

Minnesota Power Plaza

9pm The Spin Collective and Ladyslipper Musicians

9:45pm Tribal Alchemie featuring Yabobo Drummers

Sir Benedict’s Tavern

9:30pm The Tico Three

10:30pm Adam Sippola

11:30pm Todd Gremmels

Carmody Irish Pub

9:45pm Father Hennepin

10:45pm Brother George

11:45pm Cockfight

Fitger’s Brewhouse

10pm Abe Curran & the Blue Rooster

11pm Phantom Ship

12am The Murder of Crows

Duluth Flame Nightclub

10pm Uprising

11pm Supreme Rokka Hi-Fi

12am Fever Dream

R. T. Quinlan’s Saloon

10pm Indulge

11pm Low Forms

12am Bratwurst

Rex Bar

10:15pm Sarah Krueger

11:15pm The Slamming Doors

12:15pm The Brothers Burn Mountain

Red Star Lounge

10:15pm Malec

11:15pm 12StepVillains

12:15am Iron Range Outlaw Brigade

Tycoons Alehouse

10:30pm Mr. Kickass

11:30pm Electric Witch

12:30am Duck Duck Punch

Pizza Lucé

10:30pm The Good Colonels

11:30pm Jack Campbell & the Skeleton Keys

12:30am Crew Jones

Sunday, May 4

Chester Creek Café Theater

2pm Homegrown Music Video Festival (encore #2)

Pizza Lucé

11am Hannah McDaniel

12pm Rick McLean

Canal Park Brewing Co.

1:30pm Group Too

2:30pm Holy Hootinanners

3:30pm The Silk Sheiks