Worst of the Northland

Worst Local Politician

Chip Cravaack

Congressman Cravaack is busy making friends at the other end of his district, apparently. Mayor Ness was unable to match Chip’s pace.


Worst TV Personality

Barbara Reyelts

Oh Barbara, we’re so sorry.  We don’t know what our readers have against you. 


Worst Radio Personality

Brad Bennett

Apparently Bob Bennett gets this acApparently Brad Bennett gets this according to a handful of people.  Honestly, it’s 6 a.m. and it’s a little late to be doing research after writing most of these in one all night session.  We’ll take your word for it that he sucks.

Most Obnoxious TV/Radio Commercial

Arrowhead Autobody

You get home from work and you’re dead-ass tired. You are finally home and ready to make love to your television- the only object to offer you brain-dead serenity just when you need it most. And the first thing you hear is?? “Arrowhead Autobody don’t just go to anybody, Arrowhead auto body’s gonna fix it right.” This is the moment that pushes a  bad day into the suicidal realm.  Now you have this horrifyingly catchy  commercial monochromatic beat in your head.  Inevitably, this tune will remain infested in your mind into tomorrow, making the next day terrible too.  Dis-honorable mention to Larson Chevrolet.


Bad Cop

Chad LaLor

Superior Police Captain, Chad LaLor, has been placed on paid administrative leave indefinitely due to allegations of perjury during a November trial.  LaLor was placed on one year of probation in 2010 after a hit and run accident that involved alcohol. Well, there is a first time for everything.


Worst Government Boondoggle

Red Plan

Duluth schools are a mess. Duluth schools are too big. Duluth does not have the money to pay for  Duluth schools to deliver ample materials and/or meaningful messages to our students. Duluth schools may not even have money in the next few years to pay the most important asset: the teachers. There is no parking at Duluth schools, students don’t even like anymore attending Duluth Schools. Why?? We ask you Northlanders...WHY did we choose to have the Red Plan?? Ohhhhhh.....wait. We didn’t. We didn’t have a choice. City government chose this “for us.” Yup. Winner of worst government boondoggle points full throttle directly at the Red Plan. Thanks for fucking our kids over city leaders! You happy now? The voters of this survey sure aren’t. AZ


Worst Public Restroom

Third Base Bar & Holiday Center (Tie)

Certainly not the greatest places if you gotta go. But when you gotta go, you gotta go.