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Does Taking A Knee In The End Zone Reveal A Streak Of Arrogance?

   I have played in hundreds of baseball games and almost a hundred high school and college football games, so I have a large dog in the hunt when it comes to celebratory actions of players on the diamond or gridiron. One sees a defensive end run five yards into the open in the first quarter after sacking the quarterback, and pound his chest while screaming oaths to the crowds. He gesticulates like he just won the game. Instead of celebrating, he should be thinking about playing his position so the opposing halfback doesn’t make 40 yards around his end on the next play. 

  Then there is the second baseman who hits a dying quail to right with two outs, slides dramatically into second, and claps his hands for 15 seconds congratulating himself. But the one act that bugs me the most is the sign of the cross invoking The Supreme Manager while stepping into the batter’s box, or the same sign before shooting the free throw. Or the pointing and gazing at the Supreme Manager while standing at first after beating out a bunt. Or the knee in the end zone and the bowing of the head to Knute God before 70,000. I guess I’m really Tebowed out.