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Party of one

Melvyn Magree

Technology is great, technology grates

Whenever a smoke detector ceases to work properly, I try to buy the same model again.  Because there is no standardization for mounting that I know of, I buy the same model again so I don’t have to drill more holes in the ceiling. 

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Jane Hoffman

The Red Herring Open Mic Night

The vacancy and shadowy cult of poetry is often an individual journey. It is not a public confession in a beatnik or modern coffeehouse, with glossy eyes fixed on the orator.

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North Shore Notes

Harry Drabik


As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gained more experience in the funeral line. Before I reached my mid-teens, a wake/funeral scared the beejeebers out of me.

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John Gilbert

UMD Weekend Bigger than Homecoming

This might just be the greatest sports weekend of the whole year. We’ve got so much going on in Duluth this weekend, that maybe this should have been homecoming week. Or maybe the Bulldogs should have two.

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Natural Connections

Emily Stone

How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World

Brace for impact,” advised a gray-bearded man wearing wire-rimmed glasses. Shaggy, dark brown curls tumbled out from beneath his tawny, felted hat, and the hundreds of mycologists in the audience could feel his excitement.

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Beer Society

Jim Lundstrom

A Must-Have IPA

Dogfish Head Sixty-One, a “continually hopped India Pale Ale brewed with Syrah grape must.” Hmm, that doesn’t sound right, does it? Grape must? Must be one of those wino terms.

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Duty to Warn

Gary G. Kohls, MD

Don’t Vote for Your Future Oppressors

In the heat of the campaigns, we misinformed, dis-informed and oft-deceived voters must be careful lest we blindly allow our future oppressors – and that includes our politician’s paymasters - to win at the polls.

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