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City Beat

John Ramos

Housing Access Center

“Tenants who are facing eviction,” organizer Joel Kilgour explained, “are also facing the very real possibility of homelessness, because there is nowhere else for them to go.”

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Loren Martell

Once Upon a Time…

“What school are you talking about?” “I’d like to raise a point of order. I have the floor. The Chair is interrupting me.” “No, I think--” “I’m raising a point of order! I happen to have the floor!”

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The Gadfly

Ed Raymond

Good Old Country Love

If you really want to find out what Republicans think about Obama, just Google “The Pretty Damn Exhaustive Obama Nickname List.” I’ve been collecting comments on Obama for the years he has been in office.

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North Shore Notes

Harry Drabik

Bad Boys

Accompanied by a disappointed look, a reprimand was recently given me for not more often writing about “nicer” things. Accustomed to such remarks, I call them the “hanging wish.”

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Jane Hoffman

Waco Siege Series – Part Three

“The meek shall inherit the earth, but I inherited all the strangely frocked preacha men of Southern persuasion.” Stanley cackled “You haven’t even known me ten minutes and you somehow bust my fashion statement.

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Beer Society

Jim Lundstrom

Bock Talk

With winter dragging on, I felt like giving spring a kickstart with the traditional harbinger of spring – bock.

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Natural Connections

Emily Stone

Wolves at Rock Lake

Of course, I know that there is nothing to worry about. Wolf packs surround Cable and inhabit all of the wilds I play in. Tens of thousands of humans recreate in these woods each year, and most don’t even see a wolf

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Music Reviews

Paul Whyte

Two Local Album Releases This Weekend

The Twin Ports definitely has its fair share of talented musicians and performers. This weekend will really show the diversity of this area’s music scene with the release of two albums that couldn’t really be more different from each other.

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The Masked Fan

Marc Elliott

An Irreplaceable Gem….

Since September and October we knew the day was drawing near. A year ago his doctors informed us it was time to halt his treatment regimen, that it was no longer having any effect.

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John Gilbert

AMSOIL Arena Filled With Puck Drama

The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat played out on the ice at AMSOIL Arena last week, where enough drama filled the place to satisfy even the most zealous hockey fan. You could pick your favorite, and make the case for high school hockey

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