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Susannah Buckner

Compost Happens

 The easiest and fastest way to make compost is to build layers of “brown” and “green” organic matter.  Brown can be anything dry such as leaves or straw.

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John Ramos

Torvinen’s Egg

when it becomes clear that the city will have to pay to support Spirit Mountain forever, citizens will start to ask the question that always gets asked too late: How did this happen?

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The Gadfly

Ed Raymond

Of Butterflies And Human Beings

Students have to learn that studying the past is the first step in controlling their future. Henry Ford said, “History is bunk.” It is not. It is our life’s blood. History, including the art, music, literature, architecture, and politics of the times

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North Shore Notes

Harry Drabik

I Vow to Thee

Nothing will ever convince me the bagpipes were not made by a willful teenager bent on punishing stubborn parents who surprised everyone by liking the sound and then forcing the poor kid to play and play until today we’re at Amazing Grace.

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Kristine Osbakken

Delisting of the Wolf Hits Home

Conservationists opposed federal delisting because it meant that wolf management would be left to each state within its own boundaries and that the wolf’s slow, tenuous recovery would be jeopardized.

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Virg Boehland

Don’t Sell Lester Park Golf Course

There is something to be said for the value of something, such as a golf course, a hiking trail, or any green space beyond the actual dollars and cents.  Duluthians should do everything in their power to keep what they have.

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Emily Stone

Kimchi Community

Finally, I settled into picking the ingredients for my next culinary cultivation: kimchi. Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish made of fermented vegetables. I tried it for the second time last winter, and the spicy-sour flavors are growing on me.

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John Gilbert

Vikings Reveal “QB for a Half”

On a normal mid-August weekend, sports fans in Minnesota can take their pick. Watch the Minnesota Twins play a ball game, or go up to Brainerd and watch the National Hot Rod Association’s annual drag-race

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Performance Reviews

Jane Hoffman

Pretty Little Liars Television series - Season Two

With Dr. Sullivan being the only human solace in which the girls have now confided the secret of “A” being an emotional terrorist, Dr. Sullivan disappears. Dr. Sullivan beckons the girls to a group office visit but a note appears which says “The doc

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