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North Shore Notes

Harry Drabik

Town Halls

A contemporary role for town halls is their place in grass roots politics. This is an old term but in some instances explains the drift of people going in and out during meetings.

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School Board

All Settled, Now?

People usually don’t get upset without a reason. In human interaction, there is often something called a behavioral catalyst.

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A.C. Hawley

A Tale from Within

The racism that Dennis’s family experienced translated into his own life. He saw it when he went to school. Dennis and his brother were graded more harshly than his peers.

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Party of one

Melvyn Magree

Who is doing what social engineering?

For some reason those who complain about their cars “being taken away” don’t seem to realize that the more other people take public transit the more room there is for them on the freeways.

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The Lowdown

Jim Hightower

The legalized immorality of Big Pharma

By “duty,” the lady from Valeant didn’t mean a moral duty, but a “duty” manufactured by corporate lawyers and lobbyists to extract immoral profits from vulnerable people. Al Capone would smile approvingly at that rationalization.

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Beer Society

Jim Lundstrom

Cacti and Cacao

It’s got a tart little bite that spreads to what must be the big Texas flavor of prickly pear, and then everything settles down to beer.

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Natural Connections

Emily Stone

Trees, trees, murmuring trees

Professional birders, and the serious guidebooks, do describe the song more reservedly as “zee zee zee zoo zee.” Other folks, somewhere in between on the scale of birding humor, think “trees, trees, murmuring trees"

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John Gilbert

NHL Division Finals Make for Classic Hockey

There are a lot of hockey fans who get so wound up cheering for their own team, such as the Minnesota Wild, that they quit paying attention to the Stanley Cup Playoffs once their team is knocked out. I feel nothing but sympathy for them.

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Duty to Warn

Gary G. Kohls, MD

On Being Sane In Insane Places

None of the professional therapeutic staff ever suspected that any of the 12 were pseudo- patients, whereas many of the “real” patients knew for certain that they were faking.

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Ink Vine

Jane Hoffman

Anita - A documentary of Anita Hill

Awkward and offensive. The words and testimony of Anita Hill trailed through the echoed sound-trapped chamber of the ancient building beyond the microphone while her soft doe-like eyes resounded a brazen tale of workplace inappropriateness

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Music Reviews

Paul Whyte

Charlie Parr: Stumpjumper

Parr is undeniably real with his music and it’s fair to say that his music reflects who he is. This can be said for a lot of musicians, that their music reflects who they are, but Parr stands out.

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