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Loren Martell

Pretty Extreme

“A pretty extreme situation” and “a proper cause” are both extremely vague and pretty subjective. I think that’s a proper description.

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The Gadfly

Ed Raymond

So This Is A “Culture”?

What is a culture? Right-wingers like to acclaim the myth that America is an “exceptional” country—the “shining city on a hill” and all those wonderful, marvelous cultural images.

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North Shore Notes

Harry Drabik

The Season

The tradition and transformation of Saint Nicholas is almost as amazing as the Christmas season itself. Nicholas was a Greek bishop fairly early on in the history of Christianity.

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Toxic Treats

Sometime our pets get into these things on their own, or sometimes we slip them a snack that seems tasty and harmless.  

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Natural Connections

Emily Stone

Spinus pinus

In the woods, listen for siskins’ wheezy contact calls, and look for their undulating flight. Flocks will often feed gregariously, and then swoop off one-by-one to the next tree.

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John Gilbert

UMD Chooses to Lose Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller is not just the head coach of the UMD women’s hockey team. She is the head, the face, the force, and the personality of UMD women’s hockey. She IS UMD women’s hockey.

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Party of one

Melvyn Magree

Don’t listen to your parents!

This is probably not the best advice at this time of year, but I assume most of my readers are not expecting fantabulous gifts under the tree from Santa or their parents.

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Book Reviews

Paul Whyte

Local Musician Releases First Folk Tale

The story is filled with rhymes and is set in the fictitious setting of the town, Mealdathyme. It brings out colorful chartacters such as the ill tempered Mr. Borkinszankersneer and of course the mild mannered Lefty Stepanovich

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Paul Ryan

We are all apathetic, blithering idiots

Ugh. Look at all those fast food workers protesting. God, I wish poor people weren’t so stupid. I worked my ass off for my degree. I mean, I don’t really remember the first two years of college because I was perpetually drunk

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Lady Ocalat


“You know, Christmas trees have been responsible for starting more fires, and burning down more homes than just about any item in the home.”

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