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Melvyn Magree

Rural broadband – where’s the truth?

ung ho that rural areas are underserved by broadband access, and the other was that government should not be involved in providing a frill. The latter indicated that people should move into town if they need Internet access.

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The Gadfly

Ed Raymond

The American Gulag Archipelago

We are talking big business. The states and the federal government employ 500,000 correctional officers who make up one out of every nine government employees. New York City spends a shocking $167,000 a year on each inmate in its jails.

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North Shore Notes

Harry Drabik


There are different ways to view the pieces, but I see the combat stage set for Afghanistan and Iraq back when Carter was in office. Remember him? Like most of us and the West in general, Carter had no concept of what was in store when Iran’s Western

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Eat & Drink

Jim Lundstrom

Love at First Sip

The Duchesse is a 6 percent Flemish red-brown ale that tastes like liquid candy. Think of a beery sweet tart.

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Emily Stone

The excitement of spring

Outside, a similar transformation is taking place. Bright sunshine and warm winds deconstruct winter’s snowdrifts. Eagles and osprey return as the rivers and lakes open up

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John Gilbert

Softball In Duluth, Brrrrr

In the background, there was the west-end goal post, and behind that, neatly framing Sadler as she pitched, was the nation of Greenland. Or maybe it was Anarctica. Actually, it was merely the glacier piled high from the winter that wouldn’t end

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Paul Ryan

A polite note from The Easter Bunny

While we’re on the subject of odd things, can we stop with the carrots already? Don’t get me wrong, I like them. I know Bugs Bunny loved them so it’s become this big stereotype that we all do

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Lady Ocalat


Taureans have endless patience (their symbol is the Bull), and an easy-going calm….buh, buh, buh…Bing Crosby comes to mind, a man embodying the voice and demeanor common to the sign of Taurus.

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Culture Vulture

Ed Newman

Multi-Media Expressionist Kathy McTavish

Kathy McTavish’s cello has become fairly well-known here in the Northland. But in recent years she is an emerging artist extending the bounds of installation and collaboration.

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