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From the Side

Forrest Johnson

Sports in general and the myths of patriotism

Our myth, our folklore, has more often been created by marketeers than by balladeers. Our poets have labored to influence the conscience of the nation while fear mongers, puritans and profiteers have swept the population

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North Shore Notes

Harry Drabik


People living along the North Shore have learned to accept, not always with appreciation, the entertainment provided by urban drivers. I’ll be first to say that outside my element and on a crowded freeway I am out of my league.

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Feature Stories

Winona LaDuke

From a Tipi to a Tesla

I would like to drive a couple of cars in the next few years. I would like to drive a Jaguar … not own one, just drive one, across the Golden Gate Bridge. Maybe navy blue, or slate grey. And maybe a real old school car too. Like an old chevy.

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Party of one

Melvyn Magree

The Misunderstood Constitution

Interestingly, some of the same people who want their Freedom of Religion want to deny Freedom of Religion to others.  For example, mandatory public school prayer.  What form should a public prayer take to satisfy all faiths?

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Beer Society

Jim Lundstrom

Tangerine Dream

This is just what it says it is – Tangerine. Big tangerine nose, lovely tangerine flavor, and even a hazy tangerine color to this tangerine wheat beer from Lost Coast Brewery.

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Eat & Drink

Paul Whyte

The Quaalude Isn’t for Beginners

This week I took my quest for cocktails back over to Duluth. Zeitgeist on Superior St. has a great selection of spirits and has some great food. I was there a few weeks ago and noticed a few interesting cocktails and figured I’d stop in and ask

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Music Reviews

Paul Whyte

The Holy Hootenanners: It’s Time To Let It Go

I saw this band on the final day of Homegrown 2014. It was a warm sunny Sunday and the sunlight beamed through the floor to almost ceiling level windows of Canal Park Brewery. The music was mostly original, but unmistakably traditional gospel

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Natural Connections

Emily Stone

The Brookies of Cap Creek

We’d just dipped our feet into Cap Creek, a spring-fed tributary of the upper Namekagon River, and that cold water was part of what drew us here. The cold water is also what draws native brook trout here

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