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Jane Hoffman

Political Loyalty

You can’t be neutral on gay rights, without being targeted as inhumane to the human condition. You can’t support the private sector investment without saying capitalism as a whole is fraud.

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John LaForge

Before the US Attacks Another Country

With today’s renewed calls coming from the General Staff and the usual Senate and cable TV bombasts for the use of ever more missiles and bombs, a review of the rationale put forward a year ago, and some of the questions raised then, can help inform

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North Shore Notes

Harry Drabik

How I learned to kiss

They took front and rear seats. Sue-Sue and I were fit (to save money) in the trunk. With no room to move, I didn’t. She made up for my stillness.

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Loren Martell

Stress Fracture

Everyone keeps lecturing the Board of Education about getting along. In reality the Board is split by a seemingly irreparable fracture.

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The Gadfly

Ed Raymond

Of Butterflies And Human Beings

Republican education “reformers” always state that if we got rid of our bad teachers all of our students could wear the Lake Wobegon logo of “above average.” Thus, we should get rid of tenure laws, seniority policies, salary schedules based on degree

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Melvyn Magree

Sprechen vous svenska?

Let me guess.  You may be one of those who claim to never have been good at foreign languages, but I bet you know the meaning of each of the words in the title of this article.

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Kathy McTavish

Voices of Pride

Things have changed dramatically over the years. There are still many parts of the larger region that feel uncomfortable, unwelcoming and somewhat dangerous but I have been moved by a growing number of straight allies

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Eat & Drink

Jim Lundstrom

Liquid Music from Big Pink

At first I ignored the pink bottle’s weird siren call, but I think it was the Papa Lazarou association that allowed the creepy little voodoo doll to seep into my brain until one day I just had to have a bottle

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Emily Stone

Tongues of the Earth

Astonishing indeed. The recent rains have watered the Earth like one of those old terracotta chia pets, and now mushrooms sprout from every sodden surface.

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Music Reviews

Paul Whyte

VIVIELLE: Time Falls Apart

It seems fitting for this album to come out right as summer is winding down. VIVIELLE’s debut album, “Time Falls Apart,” comes through with a mellow take on indie-rock.

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Lady Ocalat


Virgo, the sixth sign of the zodiac, lives in the House of Service and Health. If I was to play nice, I would tell you that Virgos are modest, kind, very logical, discriminating, and fastidious. But that would be lying….

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Dan Hanger

Boy, The Twin Ports Has Come A Long Way

I can only compare it to 2006, when I first arrived into town from Chicago at the tender age of 22 to take my first job as a reporter at KBJR. I was not out and was really worried that I’d literally be the only gay person in Duluth.

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